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We are all aware of Barbie Girl Toys that can be seen easily in hands of cute little girls. Have you ever thought about its origin? Barbie and her friends were first introduced by Ruth in 1959.Ruth was the Wife of Elliot Handler, co-founder of Mattel Toy Company. Barbie was given this name by the name of their daughter Barbara. When this Doll entered Market, it became the toy of almost every second girl. No one wondered that a mere idea can bring such a unique Doll for the Kids.

Soon after the hit of Barbie, Ruth introduced Ken Doll after her son’s name. Many Books are published on Barbie stories .First was random House series introduced in 1960’s, where Barbie came from Wisconsin and her boyfriend was Ken. Christie was her first Black friend introduced in 1969.Today Barbie can be seen worldwide adopting cultures and traditions of the place they are made in. Barbie Toys and Games educate Kids and Women for Empowerment.

It encourages young girls to dress up like teachers, doctors, professionals. Costume and dresses give motivation to select their career in the same field. Many Women try to imitate Barbie physically by maintaining their physic. So, Barbie is not just a Toy, it is all-time companion for your Kid and you.

  • Ruth was a house wife when she designed Barbie. No one thought that a housewife can bring such a big change in Doll market.
  • First Barbie Doll was sold for 3 dollars
  • In its first year only, three hundred thousand Dolls were sold.
  • Today, latest models with unique features cost approx. 3-4 thousand Dollars