16 Disney Princess coloring pages for kids coloring activities

Disney Princess

No matter what the Age of a Lady or woman is? Everyone wants to become a Disney Princess one Day. From Childhood, we have heard stories like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Snow White and the list goes on. These stories have fascinated Girls to be like them, dress according to them and feel special in a Rainy Day. Many Movies, Games, Toys are made keeping their pictures in mind. Even Theme based parties are organized, where host gets the pleasure of becoming Princess for a day.

Princess Cinderella is the most favorite of all times. She gives a lesson to everyone that hard work pays in long run. She lived with her step mother and two step sisters. They were jealous of her charm and beauty and so, used to take all household work from her .One day they were invited on a Royal Party. This party was organized to find a perfect bride for the Prince son. Cinderella’s step mother was aware of her beauty and was reluctant to take her to party as she wanted her daughters to get engaged with the prince. A God Mother helped Cinderella clear all hurdles and meet Prince. She did hard work, disclosed Truth to the Prince and at the end, was blessed with partner like Prince.

  • All Disney Princes stories are based on a positive lesson for Girls.
  • Snow White is the oldest of all Stories.
  • Pocahontas story is based on Real Life of a person
  • Tiana is the latest and first African American Princess in Disney Princess Stories.